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Redeemed, Empowered & Divine

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Redeemed, Empowered & Divine

Choose not to be abused another day in your life!

Our Vision
To end oppression and abuse in the lives of Women, Men and Teens.

Our Mission
Redeemed Empowered and Divine is an organization
(a division of Visions Community development Corporation, a Nonprofit 501c3),
that empowers, equips and educates on the prevention of Domestic Violence
against women, men and teens in New Jersey, through advocacy, training,
research and public awareness.

Email: Redempdivine@gmail.com

"Let's Talk" DV Code RED: 908-917-0629

Upcoming Events:

Domestic Violence 101 FREE Training May-Oct 2015Domestic Violence 101
FREE Training May-Oct 2015
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Annual “Season of Healing”
October - 3rd Sunday

Don't Let The Collar Fool You..
It's In The Church Too!
- Domestic Violence

By Dean A. J.
Don't Let The Collar Fool You... It's In The Church Too! Domestic Violence - by Dean A. J. Click here to order your copy today.

Journey through the awesome true story of Faith. She was married to an abusive husband in a clergy collar. Read her story and choose not to walk,in the shoes of Faith!

Faith's ShoeseBook $9.99
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Mail Orders:
Don't Let The Collar Fool You...
It's In The Church Too!

Stop and Exit if you suspect your computer is being monitored.

Circle of Domestic ViolenceThe CYCLE of Domestic Violence is a crime
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However, unless you know what’s in the circle, you will never be able to help yourself or your sister.

There is no distinction in the mind of the enemy when it comes to a Blue Collar, White Collar or Clergy Collar. The title of the collar is just to deceive you! If you are a batterer and sit in the pulpit or in the White House domestic violence is still a crime! No one is above the law or above God! If you know of abuse and have chosen to be silent, you are an accessory to a crime!

Batterers don’t wear signs on their chest or on their back. They don’t introduce themselves as “The Abuser”. Their titles and public mask perform on stage before you know who they really are! Most batterers in the church won’t attack your outer appearance, that would be too obvious of their true identity. It would blow their cover. So they use other types of abuse.

Domestic Violence is (but not limited to) physical and sexual attacks. It also includes psychological, emotional, Intimidation, threats, manipulation and economic coercive in order to control a person’s life.

Domestic Violence AwarenessWhat do Batterers look like?

Abusers look like you and me! Male and female. They are all races. Some are tall dark and handsome. Short with six pack, tall and skinny, rich and poor and some are even leaders right in your place of worship!!!!


What can we look for?

  • Aggressive Calls
  • Pride
  • Lack of Humility
  • Family History
  • Control
  • Manipulation
  • Denial
  • Lies
  • Anger
  • Defining women as slaves
  • Public Humiliation
  • Extreme Jealousy
  • Argumentative

Domestic violence is not an option, it a decision!
A decision that is not a part of God's plan.
You are too beautiful to be abused!!!

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